May 30, 2013

Simple Biography

I'm born in Jakarta, Tanjung Priok in 1984. Ethnic Betawi and Sundanese descent. I'm completing 12 years of elementary school and university (4,5 years + 2 years) in South Jakarta.

After high school graduation in 2002, I'm passing the SMPB exams for second choice to Department of Anthropology - Faculty of Political and Social Sciences University of Indonesia (UI). I'm join some various activities on campus. This is some of my motivations to entering the UI -> get a yellow jacket (jakun), get much emblems, and participate in student organization. I'm join Students Association Anthropology UI (He-Man UI), Student Senate Faculty UI 3 periods, and the other non-formal institutions activity. In addition I'm attending a few seminars and hearings. Beside studies in air-conditioned room, I also join streets parliamentary (​demonstrations), to protest government policies that hurt people. Enjoying not only the Jakarta asphalt-hot sun, but also absence in class :))

During a college student I'm being a part-time interviewer in KOMPAS (polling), and teaching some private students whose attend school with bilingual curriculum. Passable, home - organizing student - meeting, and continued teaching.

While final semester of college I am constructing thesis, I was invited to join the research institute. After bachelor graduation in early year, then I must starting to be college student again at Postgraduate Program at Department Political Science - FISIP UI in 2007. Studying this major, of course most students have a political interest, some of there from media, parliamentarians, professors, and also just ordinary student like me :)

When third semester in college, I was married. Thank you Allah my husband really compatible and complemented to me :p. When third until fourth semester of my college, I'm pregnant. While preparing a thesis I was commit that my baby must be pass 'bachelor ASIX' (exclusive breastfeeding). I'm consulting my thesis while waiting chemo-dialysis my professor, because of kidney failure his pain. Thanks to Prof. Ahmad Suhelmy (late). I successfully graduated my master degree in 2009, in quick time, opportunity, and a new status. Alhamdulillah my thesis grades A- and three point of GPA also same like when bachelor degree.

Now when my status as a mother, its make me to taking care all of my children at home by myself & also my husband. Prepare children prior to entering formal education, and accompany them when golden age, as realized that it would not happen again. In addition I was asked to fill out several studies on neighbor and campus, post article to media, and also become a blogger. Is one more thing, I can be active in social media networking community, also pioneered mom writer-entrepreneurial from Semai Indonesia and also being founder in MoMMee.(*)

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